Welcome to my New Blog!

So, I revamped my Blog. I wanted this to be an extension to my Instagram blog where I can share more photos and extra fresh details and tea on things that are trending or any random bit and bobs. This is one of the best photo shoots I did with Roi Mendoza, my official photographer. … Continue reading Welcome to my New Blog!


Guys, I am over the moon over this new discovery of a bag. I introduce to you, my XNIHILO Eight mini bag. For a while now, I have been looking for a perfect tan bag. And I have come across this bag from heyyyjune on Youtube. ¬†She's literally the queen of handbags I love all … Continue reading XNIHILO EIGHT MINI BAG

Look what you really really made me do

OMG, I am just utterly obsessed with Chanel especially the Le Boy line. Since it came out years and years ago, I have me eyes out on it but of course for the price tag that it has on I was not in the position to shelve out that much money on a bag. It … Continue reading Look what you really really made me do

Gucci Moment

Gucci is having its moment right now. Uhm, I mean I was too? Putting all the pun aside, Gucci's makeover was pretty refreshing and has set the trend. It has modernised the brand in a good way. The Gucci brand was now known for its visually attractive patches aka the coral snakes which was like … Continue reading Gucci Moment

Relaxed is the new fit

The perfect combo in styling and in everyday life, I thought was fit and comfort. If an outfit doesn't fit very well then it probably won't be comfortable if that makes sense. But an outfit that is comfortable and stylish at the same time is definitely a killer. Who wouldn't want to be almost wearing … Continue reading Relaxed is the new fit

Streetwear Looks

As I have always said, those outfits I choose in a whim are simply better than most outfits that I spend most time doing. I went recently to a few thrift stores and gathered interesting pieces that suited my current appetite for street style. With this first look, I played with the fit and colour. … Continue reading Streetwear Looks

Social Media Blackout: What I’ve learned so far

Towards the end of my holiday last month, I got predominantly stressed with people in general particularly in social media. So, I took the initiative of severing my ties with Facebook(as if we are friends) then Instagram. The decision has proved to be very beneficial on my part. I became more engaged with like real … Continue reading Social Media Blackout: What I’ve learned so far

Confessions of a Bakasyonista

Holiday, vacation or a break. Whenever you hear these from someone or from your boss that you have been approved for a leave, it couldn't be anymore sweeter in your ears. Then, counting the days until the holiday. Tickets booked and bags are packed. Ready. Coming home for a Holiday always sounds extra good especially … Continue reading Confessions of a Bakasyonista