Style Spotting: Menswear

Lookbook has been one of my encyclopedia of style inspiration. Be it womenswear and menswear. Lookbook is a perfect reflection of style of people all over the globe so it’s great to get inspired by if you’re feeling rusty with your style or literally when you’re running out of style. Here are some of my recent favourite looks from the guys of Lookbook!

Philippe G. is a Swizterland-based lifestyle blogger. I have always been a fan of his sleek and clean style and this look made that more harder(what? a harder fan? Lol). This #OOTD definitely has that sophistication and easiness. The jacket has the perfect fit.


Patrick P., a Copenhagen-based fashion blogger took his style into the sporty edgy page of the style bible. Wouldn’t have thought to use those slip ons with a look but he sure brought it to the next level.



Tyler G. is a US-based Superhero as he described himself.  And absolutely knows the word expensive. From an Acne Studios shorts to his Balenciaga boots, he gave these brands a run for their money. I love this look. Though it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s a look that I will be willing to get a spin on.



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2 thoughts on “Style Spotting: Menswear

  1. Dalton Osaike says:

    These are really cool. My style is geared towards Philippe’s look but I can see my self experimenting with Tyler’s edgy look in the future (but at a bit more affordable price point. lol) or something similar


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