Truth about Minimalism according to Myself

Living less is more. The minimalist lifestyle fad has been going around Youtube or in real person’s lives. I have watched a ton of videos about minimalism. People sorting out things in their closet, decluttering wardrobes and donating things. I just thought if your main aim of being a minimalist is to cut up with expenses and just buy things you really need. This will create an empty space and that will make room for more things to fill up of that emptied space thereby incurring more expenses if that makes sense. Just use those things in your closet until you hate them or they break apart.


But saying that, people have testified that they felt good and free with less things which makes sense. Long before, people don’t have 10 pairs of shoes and 10 pairs more in storage they only have a pair of shoes because clothes and fashion is expensive and they have to choose the best or what they just need. I wanted to jump into the bandwagon but I’m just weeding out some things that I really don’t wear anymore or doesn’t fit me. Keeping in mind that whenever you take something out of your closet you need to take control of not buying anymore just because you let go of something.

Minimalists have curated capsule wardrobes where they pick out 37-39 articles of clothing and accessories per season. They only need to use these items within the season. It is still up to you if you will add in or shop a little in between. The idea of capsule wardrobe is to choose essential pieces that could be interchangeable to other articles of clothing creating as much outfit ideas as possible. I have yet to try this.


Buying trendy pieces is not where we need invest in but on daily versatile articles which could be worn any day and will be able to be reused. Uhm, Yes, basics is the way to go.

We all have our own opinion and philosophy. In the end it is always your happiness that should come first and not others. So don’t just do it just because your favorite Youtuber did it. Do it for yourself. I believe that living within our means is an underlying philosophy of minimalism. Importantly, it is still notable to say that not only is minimalism applied to dressing up but to our daily lives in general as well. We don’t live to get all hot and new sneakers. We live to live the LIFE.

Yas, enough of the nonesense Kenny. Talk to you soon!

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