Confessions of a Bakasyonista


Holiday, vacation or a break. Whenever you hear these from someone or from your boss that you have been approved for a leave, it couldn’t be anymore sweeter in your ears. Then, counting the days until the holiday. Tickets booked and bags are packed. Ready.

Coming home for a Holiday always sounds extra good especially on Christmas time. Giving pasalubongs(term for presents from a new land in Filipino) feels so fulfilling when you give them personally and you see your family and friend’s delighted reactions and words of gratitude. That is something you couldn’t really buy anywhere. Priceless.

Going for a holiday, you need to be prepared for all the expenses. Going out with friends, eating out, shopping, and giving away your hard earned money to your family which causes you enough joy and enough grief? I kid. Of course, let’s just say it’s all for the love of family. It’s just sad sometimes you have friends, who you barely talk to then suddenly you will hear from them upon knowing that you are in the island. Can we meet up? To talk about how we never talked in forever? Sorry not sorry. And you get those relatives that would do the same. I just roll my eyes and pray while still staying humble.

While you are there in the moment, forget work and just have fun. Try to stretch out the time because time really flies when you’re having fun. And you’ll be just like where are all the days gone 5 days to the end of your vacay. I never really had a chance to stay at home and just do nothing. I was always on the road doing something which was physically taxing but I did not regret. I reckon staying at home makes me think that I am wasting time while I could be out there doing something exciting. But for next time I will definitely alot time for the pleasure of doing nothing.

Next, checking up where your money has gone will leave you terrified and out of place. Where has your fortune gone? The drain. Just try to console yourself that it happens when your having fun. Simply put, if you got scammed by whoever it could be worse. Really worse. Just a tip if you want to keep track of your expenses, make a list or put a note on your phone every time you spend so you keep track of where your money is going. Therefore, preventing bill shock after checking your bank.

Filipinos are very generous with family. We value family more than anything else. I still and will always want to go back home for a holiday. It’s where my heart is and will always be. This was my best break yet. I have been to new places, met new people, ate great Filipino food and had fun with family. I planned on extending my holiday but I will just put that for next time. Vacation days are not always enough and so is your bank account. Lol. So, work harder again and play later.

Always the bittersweet part is when you have to be at the airport and just promise to be back again. Crushes your heart each time. But savour the holiday by browsing thru your thousands of priceless pictures and memories on your phone and in your heart.


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