Look what you really really made me do

OMG, I am just utterly obsessed with Chanel especially the Le Boy line. Since it came out years and years ago, I have me eyes out on it but of course for the price tag that it has on I was not in the position to shelve out that much money on a bag. It is now retailing for AUD 6,000 or USD 4,700 this is in 2017. WTF, right? But I bit the bullet one day and stumbled upon this beauty on Gumtree for about 40% off of the retail price which is quite a good deal already. It is preloved. But normally, preloved boy bags are also quite expensive I have never seen one go for less than AUD 3,500. The resale value is quite good for Chanel pieces especially with the classic lines.

My first Chanel piece is this Le Boy bag in Matte/suede leather Deep blue Caviar in Ruthenium hardware. If you don’t already know caviar leather finish retails for crazy crazy amount as this is the more care free type of leather as compared to the lambskin which is on the other hand has the more luxurious look. I love navy blue personally. It is one of my favourite colour. So, it was a win-win for me! Yassss! I really really love this bag.

It is the only bag that leans towards a more masculine look in the whole Chanel. Every time I see a boy bag, my heart flutters. It has this very clean lines and structured look that looks to edgy and classy all at the same time. That made me really wanted to get one. Although, I am toying with getting a Classic flap, I am obsessed in touching a true Chanel Iconic piece and the feel of the buttery smooth of lambskin. But I’m not sure if I will be able to mix it and incorporate it into my wardrobe.

IMG_3582 2IMG_3584 2

Also, anyone who has taken plunge in going Luxury, once you get one piece you will definitely get that unpleasantly, insatiable need to get another one!!! But to say this, I just tell myself whenever I do purchase a bag, it will be an investment piece. And if you find a bag in a good price at least in the preloved market, you will 100% get the price you paid it for if not more than that. It depends on your situation if you are desperate to sell it or you have your time in your hands to wait until someone offers you the amount you are selling it for. I think the fact that you got an item for a really good price makes you want it more than buying it in store. At least for me it does.

On my Wishlist,  I got my eyes on this denim le boy bag or a black caviar in shiny silver hardware!! This photo is from The fashiioncarpet.com, I die every time I see it. Seriously, I die a thousand times. Hopefully I get my hans on this baby. (not my photo, credit to fashiioncarpet.com).

fashiioncarpet-chanel-boy-bag-caviar-980x714@2x I HAVE BEEN STALKING PRINCE PELAYO’S photos on Pinterest.  See photo below. (not my photo, credit to Prince Pelayo)


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is upon us! And you will definitely, see me rocking this baby boy!


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