Guys, I am over the moon over this new discovery of a bag. I introduce to you, my XNIHILO Eight mini bag. For a while now, I have been looking for a perfect tan bag. And I have come across this bag from heyyyjune on Youtube.  She’s literally the queen of handbags I love all of her bags.

This is a convertible bag. It can be used in several ways which is one of the major selling points of the bag. Specially, love the crossbody feature of it as I use my bags like that. And also, I prefer being handsfree. In my opinion it is an all season bag. Currently, wearing this nonstop. It is a good bang for your money. I highly recommend it. Did I mention it is all made of leather? Yes! It also comes in different colours and sizes. The bigger brother will be a good work bag.

I am also very pleased to know that it is from a local designer here in Melbourne, Australia! Woot woot. Supporting local business here. The CEO is such a great person as well. She delivered it straight to my doorstep without any extra charge. I think that’s passion and dedication right there.






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