How to Get Away with Navy

Although winter has ended here in Melbourne, you’ll never know what season it will be tomorrow and the following days. It’s kind of a bitchfest with Melbourne’s weather. It is like a box of chocolate you will never know what you will going to get or rather you don’t know what bring or wear.

Anyhow, I just reckon this ensemble is one of the most worn and my ride or die fall/winter attire. What more iconic and versatile article of clothing than a le ather jacket. It can almost fit in with literally anything. The options are endless.
If it isn’t obvious, this jacket is navy blue. I got it from a sale at H&M for only 30 bucks and its genuine leather. I hit the jackpot there. I know.

I could always get away with being a repeat offender. If it isn’t obvious, I’m all in navy blue from my jacket to sweater to pants and shoes. I’m obsessed with it actually. It’s sort of like my alternative to black which is overrated. Don’t get scared trying new stuff. Those didn’t dare didn’t didn’t go really far. Take risks. It may not always work out but you wouldn’t know if does if you just sat and stare.

Spring and fall are my favorite season. You could get away with less layers of clothing and still able to emanate style.

On my super tight schedules, my creative juices have been slightly compromised or totally suppressed due to that there was lack of content from my blog. I have been working non-stop! Now, I have something to share with you guys. My mind is still in that stage zero of creative writing so bear with me.

I shall enjoy spring!

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Dalton Osaike
Dalton Osaike

Omg! I love these photos and that jacket looks Amazing. Everything just looks better with leather. I totally want it haha 😀