My Basic Wardrobe Essentials

If you haven’t already noticed, basics are a huge trend today. A simple basic white t-shirt can transition through all the seasons. Investing in these pieces in your wardrobe is a definite must. As they say you can never go wrong with it. A $75 Alexander Wang black tee or an Acne Studios basic tee may be too much for my spending but if you’re more than willing to pay for a good name brand then go for it. Simply put, you need whites and blacks in your wardrobe. Here are some of my basic wardrobe essentials to help you guide to achieve a well-balanced closet!


You can never go wrong with a simple black t-shirt. It can easily go chic just by wearing a decent pair of jeans and an outerwear of your choice. When stumbled upon a situation where you don’t have abundant time to build around a look just throw on a black/white tee and that should cover it. Same is true with women’s. A T-shirt can transition from a casual look to an evening look with proper styling.


Do denims even go out of style? I just wonder. Even if this is untrue, I still will be investing in good denim pieces. It’s one of those versatile pieces that you can easily wear. It’s an everyday essential. I own two pairs of black and indigo coloured skinny jeans from ASOS which I wear to death! It’s those things that you just want to wear every single time even if you have a ton more in your closet.


It can either be a pair of Oxfords, a brogue shoe or a pair of boots. When you have one or two of these, you can sit back and worry not. These can easily be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe specifically when you have black. I prefer this Oxfords from Dr. Martens. When you have this in your closet, you are safe. It’s like taking a broad spectrum antibiotic, it easily covers most microorganism. You can dress it up and dress it down. But wearing Dr. Martens is usually uncomfortable when new, you need ample time to break them in or just use them frequently so they mould in your foot well.


Investing in a quality outerwear like a navy blazer from is a wardrobe essential. It is one of those articles of clothing that helps translate your outfit to look dressier and more formal. But between a choice of leather jacket or a blazer, I will prefer a leather jacket. With this kind of outerwear, it provides more insulation during cold seasons and apart from making an outfit look edgy it also makes a great accent piece to a simple casual outfit.


One accessory that I only or mostly wear is a watch. When wearing this, it easily makes you look smart and dressed up. This is my dream watch. A Rolex. You don’t need to say more.

When wearing a pair of black trousers, your socks need to also be of the same colour. This is a rule in formal menswear. But when going casual, printed socks are more fun to use but that will depend on your mood or style.

Also, a fine leather belt or any kind is also a must in your wardrobe. It fixes fit issues with your pants or give your outfit a boost by tucking in your shirt and show off your Hermes belt.

Dressing up does not mean buying fancy clothes and bragging what you have. Personally, being smart about your choices makes everything. Investing in expensive trendy pieces is not ideal for me. One day it’s in, and the next day it’s out of style. But it’s always up to you. I won’t stop you if can’t fall asleep after you deprived yourself of something. As they say, if can’t stop thinking about it. Buy it!

*Photo credits to Dr Martens, Rolex, Zara, ASOS

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Dalton Osaike

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